Greetings Drumlin Dancers,

We miss you! The pandemic has pointed out how important social dance is with keeping us healthy and happy. We look forward to the day when we can come together to dance and socialize, only when it’s safe to do so!
Recently, we received some sad news from the Fiddlefern Country Dancers, based in Owen Sound:
“On a sad note, Helena Szczepanowska, a much-loved member of our contra dance community, has passed away. Although she did not contract COVID, she was very much impacted by the loss of activities, social interactions and isolation associated with the pandemic.
Helena’s boundless enthusiasm for dance, Contra, English and Square, was evident in her joyful twirls and shimmering costumes. If there had been a prize for the number of kilometres clocked travelling to dances, Helena would have won it hands-down. We will certainly miss her bright smiling face, lovely dance dresses and amazing dancing abilities, especially waltzes! Our deepest condolences to Helena’s family, nursing friends and colleagues, and dance partners.
Fiddlefern would like to honour Helena’s legacy. Please share your ideas and memories of a memorable dancer with us at”
– Donna, Susan, Iain, Phil, Brian and Reenie
Perhaps, you remember dancing with Helena, as she would travel with friends to dance with us in Fergus. Her love of, and enthusiasm for dance was infectious. Helena’s sparkling energy will be greatly missed.
Helena Szczepanowska Helena and Rennie
Photos courtesy of Kris Rosar and Robert Burcher