Hey fiddling and dancing friends!

I am working with Anne Lederman and Bill Russell to present this once in a lifetime opportunity to take your talents to Cuba. The cost is not cheap, but the experience is not cheap either. It compares to 10 days at a similar hotel in Havana but with none of the extras. Fiddle and dance every day. Spend time in the lovely fishing village of Gibara as well as smack in the middle of Santiago – the most historic and cultural centre of the country. 

If you have never been to Cuba, this is your chance to travel in like company and have an experience unlike no other tour! There will be many opportunities to experience Cuban dance and music as well as a daily dose of Canadian. See Anne’s note about musicians as it is intended for those who can play up to speed as part of a dance band. You’ll learn a variety of music ’sets’ from several genres.

If you have any questions I can be reached at 416 531-2618 or canadianfiddler@mac.com

Thank you,

Jim Dolmage

This unique venture is being done on a cost recovery basis, with the instructors volunteering their time. The money for deposits will be fully refunded if we don’t get the minimum number of dancers and musicians (24).

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