Contra Dances in Fergus

Welcome to our website. Here you can find information about Contra Dances in Fergus and other communities that are within short driving distance. Be sure to check the calendar to see where and when dances are organized.

What's Contra Dancing?

Well, it’s a little bit like Scottish dancing, Irish Ceili and Square Dance. ( It’s all that and a little bit of magic too. ) In Contra, couples form a long set of parallel lines down the hall. Each dancers is opposite or  contra their partner. The dance begins with a sequence of moves, after which couples will move up or down the line, eventually dancing with every other couple.

In Contra dance, your feet are never asked to do more than walk in time with the music. Each dance is taught by the caller. Did I mention that we always have a live band?  No need to come with a partner or know how to dance. If you are new, we will find an an experienced dancer to be your partner for the first dances. The caller will walk you through each dance to learn it.

Dress informally in light weight clothing. Some women like to wear a twirly skirt and other’s prefer pants. Comfortable low heeled shoes are a must.

Website Links and Google Maps

Check out all the contra dance locations that are close by. Conveniently with Google Maps and website links where applicable.

June 24th Barn Dance

Dancing for Water! Squares, circles, reels, contras for a good cause! In support of the fight for our local water supply, Janice Ferri has organized a Barn Dance at the Legion (110 Metcalfe St.) in Elora. Tickets are $15 at the door. Live music by Relative Harmony....

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Fergus is ready for 2016

Although saddened by the fact that Guelph has closed its contra doors, Drumlin Contra Dances in Fergus is still alive and kicking! If you like a PDF version for the scheduled Fergus dances until the summer, you can click here. Check out the calendar for upcoming...

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No More Guelph Contra Dances

After struggling for a long time, the heart wrenching decision has been made to close the doors on the Guelph location of the Drumlin contra dances. The Fergus dances, on the 4th Friday of the month, will continue. Guelph dances will not. The next Drumlin contra dance...

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March 28, 2014 Contra Dance in Fergus

With our guests from Michigan: Aunt Lu and the Oakland County All-Stars (band) and Glen Morningstar (caller).

Contra Dance Etiquette for the Guys

Funny video!

Why Drumlin Contra Dances?

1 + 1 = 3

Combining Fergus and Guelph Contra Dances makes coordinating dances easier. And with joined forces we can accomplish even more.


Dancing is awesome! And we want to give everyone, old and young, a chance to experience what fun Contra Dancing can be in this great community. Let us spread the word!

Planting A Seed

We hope that our efforts will result in a solid Contra Dance Community and that this rich tradition will be carried on into the far future.

We Need Your Help

Do you want to be involved? Or looking for volunteer hours for school?