Contra Dances in Fergus

Welcome to our website. Here you can find information about Contra Dances in Fergus and other communities that are within short driving distance. Be sure to check the calendar to see where and when dances are organized.

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What is Contra Dance?

Contra Dance shares many aspects with other social dance styles. It is bit like Scottish country dance, and Canadian square dance, and English country dance, and Irish ceili dance, but with its own distinctive twist.

In contra, dancers form a long set of parallel lines down the hall; each dancer opposite another. The dance begins with a sequence pf moves, after which partners move up or down the line, eventually dancing with every other neighbour.

Relax. Your feet are never asked to do more that walk in time with the music. Each dance is first taught by the caller and then as you dance the caller will prompt upcoming moves.

We love our musicians – and know you will too! Live music, an essential component of every contra evening, is provided by musicians either local or from afar. Variety is the spice of life!

Never been to a contra dance? No problem. We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes early and join the New Dancer Orientation. There you will learn basic movements, thus allowing you to enter into the very first dance as a seasoned pro! We also encourage everyone to wear light-weight clothing and comfortable, low-heeled shoes. For a dance style that is predominantly walking – it is surprising just how much of a cardio work-out it is!

Concerned that you don’t have a partner? No problem! At the Fergus dances approximately 80% of the folk who attend come solo. We are a very welcoming community, and you will quickly find yourself being asked to dance. Generally speaking by the end of a contra night you will have danced with everybody in the hall. This is probably the main reason why ‘contra’ is synonymous with ‘community’! New to contra dance? This is the place for you. Been doing contra all your life? This is the place for you. But the absolute best way to see if you would enjoy it is to come and give it a go.

What better way to spend a Friday evening than forging new friendships all while dancing the night away?

It’s fun.
It’s welcoming.
It’s good for those brain synapses!
It’s intergenerational.
It’s community.
It will make you laugh.

Contra Dance? It’s all this . . . with a sprinkle of magic thrown in for good fun!

November 24: our last dance for 2017!

Fergus Contra Dance Friday, November 24th Caller: Kris Rosar Live music by Rick Avery on keyboard and Ben Bolker on fiddle  DIFFERENT VENUE (see also below): Victoria Park Fieldhouse 160 Albert St W Fergus, ON N1M 2W5 7:15              Doors open 7:45 - 8:00  ...

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Ready To Pass On The Torch

In addition to being fun, joyful, and satisfying, dancing is a wonderful, community-based activity that is sustained thanks to the efforts of a small group of volunteers. Since 2011, a solid contra dance community has developed in Fergus, and traditional social...

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March 28, 2014 Contra Dance in Fergus

With our guests from Michigan: Aunt Lu and the Oakland County All-Stars (band) and Glen Morningstar (caller).

Contra Dance Etiquette for the Guys

Funny video!

Why Drumlin Contra Dances?

1 + 1 = 3

Combining Fergus and Guelph Contra Dances makes coordinating dances easier. And with joined forces we can accomplish even more.


Dancing is awesome! And we want to give everyone, old and young, a chance to experience what fun Contra Dancing can be in this great community. Let us spread the word!

Planting A Seed

We hope that our efforts will result in a solid Contra Dance Community and that this rich tradition will be carried on into the far future.

We Need Your Help

Do you want to be involved? Or looking for volunteer hours for school?